How to make sweet cow cake

cow sweet pie
Halavet al-Baqar is a very popular and popular sweet bought abroad or cooked at home and eaten as a special dessert. In this article, we have introduced you to an unusual way to use cow’s milk sweets to make a wonderful cow’s milk sweet that is sure to brighten up your table next time.
Ingredients for sweet cow pie
First grade
1 ½ packs of tea biscuits
1 pack of butter
1 tablespoon cream
second layer
2 packs of yogurt
1 cup of sugar
½ cup dry milk
8 kiri cheese
third layer

  1. Sweet beef
    ¼ cup condensed milk
    How to sweeten a cow pie
    Finely crush the cookies and add a piece of butter.
    Add cream and my heart.
    Place the ingredients of the second layer into a mixer and beat until a soft fluffy cream is obtained.
    Lay the second layer on top of the second layer and refrigerate it.
    Put cow sweetness with condensed milk and my heart on the fire.
    Apply the third layer on the face before serving.

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